Friday, June 4, 2010

Come meet some ladies...

Our appearance says something about us. What is yours saying? Check out this group of ladies and see if you find yourself amongst them.

1. Loud Linda- Linda is the life of the party. She loves to shop and loves to have outlandish clothes that capture every persons attention. She never walks in a room without being noticed because the colors are always bright and everything matches. Her jewelry is big and bold and when you see her your first thought is "WOW."

2. Frumpy Freda- Freda is the girl that says she doesn't care what anyone thinks about what she wears. She is comfortable after all. Her clothes are usually too big, overly baggy and if they match that is merely by accident. We're not sure if she brushes her hair with any regularity. When ask about it Freda will talk about her belief in modesty and Godliness, with a very pious attitude, of course.

3. Loose Lizzy- Look out cause here comes Lizzy. Husbands need to look the other way and small boys need to be sent to play. Lizzy's skirts are usually too tight and always too short. Her blouse is too tight, too low or both. Lizzy has it and doesn't mind flaunting it. The good Lord blessed her with a good figure, why should she hide it under a bushel?

4. Executive Emma- Oh Emma....she is the business, career woman in our group. Always in the business suits, tailored to fit just right. Her skirts are perfectly tailored to accentuate her curves, her jacket is also tailored to focus on the gentle curve of her hips yet all the while maintaining a business like look. Of course, Emma wear heels everywhere she goes and holds her head high. Emma is woman...hear her roar!

5. Borderline Bertha- Bertha could be skinny or fat. She doesn't necessarily do things on purpose to expose herself, she just doesn't do anything on purpose to NOT expose herself. Her tops may not be as low. Maybe her tops are only low when she leans over. And maybe her skirt is right on the border, until she bends over in a very unladylike manner. She walks right up to the line and stays there. She does after all want to be fashionable.

6. Tomboy Teresa- watch out when Teresa plays a game with the group. She may knock you over. She can usually be found in anything made of jean material and walking like a boy. Teresa would prefer to hang out with the guys instead of the girls. Wear something ladylike and maybe even pink? NEVER! Fix her hair? I don't think so. A ponytail is sufficient. And makeup will never touch her face. Too much bother. She is clean after all and why should anyone care what she looks like?

7. Modest Mary- Mary carries herself with grace and style. She can usually be found in a fashionably nice, feminine dress that doesn't call attention to one part of her, but to the entire picture. Depending on her age she may wear a bit of make up and perhaps a piece of jewelry, but never so much as to look "made up" or draw attention. Mary doesn't mind doing extra shopping to find things that fit right, are modest yet not frumpy. Her attitude is not one of power and boldness, but of meekness and gentleness. When you are with Mary you feel more calm and peaceful.

These are just a few of the possibilities. Did you find yourself among them? If you do, ask yourself is that the kind of message you want to send? Notice that it is not only about how these ladies dress, but it is an attitude they exude. How you dress will affect your attitude.

As I look back over my life I have seen different qualities from a few of these women at different times in my life. This is not something we settle once and never struggle with. The Christian life is a battle and we will face trials and temptations, pressures and struggles. We cannot do this alone. It is only by God's grace and strength that we can come out from among them and be holy, set apart unto our Lord.
God puts others in our lives to help strengthen us too.

My suggestion to you would be to not only ask yourself, but ask your husband, father or mother to give you an accountability check. We can all falter and slip and need others to come along side us and help us.

Heb 10:24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:

You are loved dear sisters.

In Him who cannot fail, Michelle


  1. I absolutely loved this Post! Wonderful! :):)

  2. Wonderful post!! Keep up the good work :)


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