Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Modesty has Come to.....Trying The Old-Fashioned Modesty Package!

Today ladies, I want to write to you, to encourage you, to think about the following line.

"The longer the skirt the better!"

Are you tired of not being respected? do you have problems attracting the "right" type of boys, the boys that don't just care how you dress and what you will do with them? teenage girls have problems all the time, I have a friend.

she is a good friend of mine, but she has problems. many boys as she comes to me, "use" her. for certain things. then break up with her. she ask me how she should go about fixing that? well, I went to her,
sat down, and told her as friendly as I could. "you have to dress better"
shocked she looked down at herself, and was filled with confusion,
I'm sure her mind filled with thoughts, such as "whats wrong with the way I dress?" and others like that.

she ask me what I meant. I'm sure some of you are wondering what I meant as well, some of you know already as well.

when you dress a certain way, you attract a certain crowd, for example, when you see a woman in a long dress, isn't low cut, and not form fitting, you will see she is not attracting a wrong crowd, or a worldly crowd either, you will see she is attracting a more respectable crowd.

Attract: To arouse or compel the interest, admiration, or attention of:

admiration, wouldn't you like that? many ladies would indeed like that,

ladies putting it this way, in a silly little example, when you buy Old-Fashioned Modesty Package . the description would be you dressing with more clothing on, what is not included is low cut shirts, sheer blouses, tight skirts or shirts, sheer skirts, short skirts, and most likely sleeveless shirts, depending on "what package" you get. Warning: Packages come with different convictions. Sold everywhere you can find Modest Clothing.

Special Buys come with extra goodies, such as, More respect, higher standards, feeling better about yourself, respecting yourself, feeling more feminine and lady-like, feeling like a woman! pleasing God and much more! you could say that if you did all that, you could even read into Proverbs 31 about the virtuous woman. how splendid of a feeling. the delightful-ness,

buy back what was once known to all, what was once the height of standards. what ladies now call old fashioned. what is now known to teenage girls has old lady clothing, buy back true biblical beauty, buy back honor, grace, and courage.

wouldn't you like to do that?
let us know what you think.

Thank You for Reading.
In His Honor.


  1. How wonderful it would be if all women dressed as was the norm a hundred years ago... but I am so thankful for modern modest fashions which allow us to be set-apart without looking so odd that everyone thinks we've lost our marbles. = )

  2. Yes agreed, I am thankful too, though it is hard to find modest clothing these days, the Lord still provides, it takes strength and courage to set ourselves apart from this world. :-)

    I see you have a blog as well, I will be sure to check it out,

    In His Honor,

  3. Love your blog!
    I'm so glad there are still modest clothes that don't look wierd and are still fashionable these days!! I don't go shopping very often (sniff sniff) but when I do its still good to see!
    Please follow my blog...
    Thanks everyone!!
    Little Miss Sparrow

  4. Hello! I have some questions about this story. How did you meet this young lady? You were very unclear as to what you mean by the girl being used for 'certain things." Do you mean that she was being used sexually? Why not just write the word, sex. What was this young lady's past like? Does she come from an abusive home?

  5. @Deb, She was a friend of my cousins, and Yes Deb she was being used sexually, and the reason I did not is because I was trying to keep the blog clean, I have younger readers.

    and if you mind Miss Deb, I would prefer not to share that information on this blog. If you would like you may message me more personally. Thank you.

    Katie -D

  6. I know they are all looking at me and even question why I won't be like them. But I'm thankful this way I can show them the difference of being a follower of Christ. I'm also thankful such blogs promoting modesty like these exist. They encourage and inspire me making me feel proud that I wear the right clothes. Thanks for sharing this!


  7. I think there is a lot to this line of thinking. From the male point of view I like it when a women leaves more to the imagination. There might be even a little more respect for her and thought that she has higher self esteem. There is a lot to be said for Modesty.


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