Sunday, June 27, 2010

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Today Ladies I want to write to you about, Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." I want to list how, all of the things I can think of that God has given me strength to do in a skirt (or dress or jumper) while still being modest, and not revealing myself.

1. Ride a bike. and long skirt that's flowy will do :-)

2. exercise:. running walking, treadmill, any kind. I recommend not too flowy of a skirt, but it needs to be full.

3. Clean : sweep, scrub floors ( I have to say this makes me feel more like a lady then anything it brings me so much joy!) do dishes, do laundry, hang laundry outside on clothing lines, dust, vacuum, set beds, clean bathroom. any full not tight skirt. some a-line can be worn.

4. Climb up stairs or ladders:, this my fellow sisters, is what some ladies may complain about, tested and proven, one day I want to test if someone was holding the ladder or going up behind me, could they see anything, I enlisted my sister, results: ankles. how did I do it, fuller heavier skirt, this was done in the summer mind you. long full skirts go a long way, I like to keep the skirt simple as possible.

5. walk through the woods/hike: we have alot of woods on our property and of course there are those dreadful hills, snagging twigs, thorn bushes, and what not, big logs that have fallen in a storm, I wear not too full of a skirt, but not a tight one, your going to be moving around alot in the woods, so don't wear something that clings to your body alot, I recommend, boots or tennis shoes.

6. Wade in the waters, easy enough, :-)

7. four wheel, yes ladies I just said it! and you can do it! you CAN go four wheeling in a skirt! do NOT wear tight or fitting skirts that are fitted everywhere! best part, you don't have to wear pants OR  culottes!

8. sleep: I can sleep in skirts, I wear nightgowns, but my favorite thing ever is its the material of sweatpants, but its a skirt!

9. work on cars! not me, myself LOL! but helping, when help is needed, such as handing stuff to the men-folk or even having to get on the ground to hand a tool or something else to the person under the car.

10 Change a tire! ladies its possible, I have done it! when you are stranded on the side of the road its a need to know how to do it, if there is no man around. BEST skirt to wear when riding in a car just in case your tire blows out, is a long flowing skirt, if not possible have a long skirt that's FULL.

11. play/ play sports. not in today's society can you wear skirts while playing sports but there is always playing with your siblings! :-) I have alot of brothers, so learning how to play is a need. I play the following in skirts. Football, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Kickball, tag, hide and seek, catch. ext, the list goes on and on!

12. cook and bake! so feminine feeling when I do those things in a dress and apron! ANY skirt or dress!

13. work outside! ah the tasks of outside! moving tree branches, mowing grass (push and riding), chopping wood and vines, weed slinging.

14.move things: this includes moving boxes light or heavy, moving furniture. not too flowy/loose of a skirt you don't want to trip.

15. go on walks, anywhere, whether it be through the woods or down the street, or to the store or library, I can still be lady-like doing it in skirts.

there are many more things I can do, those are only a few, there are many other things I am going to try, over my life, 1 is climbing a fence! as my dear friend pointed out that she did! if you would like to share what you do, listed or unlisted comment below.

I hope that some how I have encouraged you to try some of these things in skirts or dresses, in your own style or what I recommended, that I have inspired in some way.

Thank you so much for reading
In His Honor

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