Thursday, September 30, 2010

Being Modest Through Christ.

Ladies, we live in a world, where many women, and sadly even younger girls, dress inappropriately, to school and in public, you may say "that's terrible, they should put some clothes on"

But do you ever ask yourself, do they know any better? have they ever been taught?
are they having emotional problems? do they dress like this for the attention they don't get normally?
we Tend to judge to quickly to actually see beyond the book cover, then ladies, their are the young girls and women alike, who know what they are wearing, don't care how they have been taught, and know better, the young girls, that are hiding emotional problems, and whether they dress like that for attention or not, it doesn't matter.

Ladies need to stand up, for a rightful cause, stand up to this so called "fashion" of tank tops and short skirts and shorts, cleavage baring blouses and "hip clothing" I don't care what's "in" or what's considered old fashioned, I dress not to say "I'm modest" but to tell myself, "I'm pleasing the Lord with all my heart" and ladies, by no means is that bragging,
I do it because I want to strive to be pleasing God, and I want to strive to let others see Christ in me.

after all, ladies, we should strive, but that's my opinion, I'm not throwing it at you.

Sometimes we all feel that way, as if everyone is bullying at you, telling you that your going to (hades) if you wear pants, what can you say? how can you defend yourself? your Defenceless.

I believe in my opinion, that it is YOUR  conviction, on what you wear.
Yours alone, people can sometimes, dig it and stab it into you about the skirts and pants argument.
But the only one that can change your mind, is God.

Yes Ladies it's as simple as that, we can write these blogs, but it most likely will not change it, I myself, read a blog post about wearing pants, and I was convicted over that, which is why when I say, when Conviction gets you, your done.

Sister, if you are struggling, with the choice of what to wear, if you are caught between being cool or ugly, if your afraid people will look at you differently, please, take time to ask yourself this question, "is this what God wants?" or is it "what you and everyone else want." sometimes what seems good in our eyes, isn't really all that good, we are just too blind too see at the moment.

I pray that if you are having those struggles that God helps you, and gives you an answer to the questions and pleads you have been praying for or about. I pray he lays the right choice on your heart, and that it brings you closer to him, that when you walk down the street or through a store, that people see Christ in you.

I Love you all dearly. Thank you for reading.

In His Honor.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Losing to The World at Hand? Losing Motherhood.

As we do our daily activities or chores, or even school, life as we know it is one busy day after day activity.
some things we do are more important then others, for instance Facebook? FoxNews? Yahoo. all Our Favorite sites. the list goes on and on. we make sure we get on those, we make sure our favorite things are done.

FLASHBACK: 60 to 70 years ago, "everyone" didn't have tv, no one had internet. no one stayed on the phone forever, what happened to Our favorite things to do,

  • Sewing.
  • Reading the Bible.
  • Reading in General.
  • playing outside
  • cleaning
  • doing crafts
what happened? some of you may still or do those things. but what is the rest of the world doing? should you care? since the dawn of time Mothers have taught their girls, and prepared them to be home makers, stay at home wives. that was their desire. now women have chosen a different path, the following is from the Top 10 most popular jobs for women.

1.) Pharmacist

In this customarily male role, you will dispense medications to patients, inform them of any risks, side-effects or drug interactions, and stay up-to-date via continuing education and industry research. The road to becoming a pharmacist usually begins with a Bachelor of Science degree.

2.) Financial Advisor

With the tumultuous economy, financial advisers are in high demand. Women with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance can help fill the increasing need for professional financial advice.

3.) Human Resource Manager

In this role, you create and implement policies and benefits that define your corporate culture. A Bachelor's Degree (or higher) in Human Resources is usually required.

4.) Information Technology Analyst

Opportunities for women in IT are predicted to grow dramatically through 2016 as businesses continue to increase their dependence on technology solutions. In this historically male role, women are now being heavily recruited. A career in IT starts with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

5.) Sales Engineering

Combining the attributes of both Sales and Engineering, women make ideal Sales Engineers. Those who are people-oriented and verbally communicative are ideal for this role, which usually begins with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or Engineering.

6.) Counselor/Social Worker

This career is predicted to grow 25% by 2010, and has as many as 35,000 annual openings. As a counselor or social worker, you work with others in educational, vocational or social settings to help solve interpersonal problems and stumbling blocks. This career requires a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work.

7.) Market Research Analyst

In this position, you analyze market conditions and study buyer strategies, habits and preferences. This role usually requires a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or Statistics.

8.) Biological Technician

As a biological technician, you assist scientists in setting up, performing and recording experiments. Most employers prefer that you attain the minimum of an Associates Degree

9.) Radiation Therapists

Not only do women make significantly more than men (11% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) in this occupation, but the growth rate is phenomenal as the need for trained techs increases. This job requires a minimum of an Associates Degree in Radiography.

10.) Physical Therapists

In this role, you assist patients in gaining and restoring movement and flexibility. The number of openings for this career is predicted to increase by over 35% between now and 2014. The road to becoming a physical therapist begins with a Bachelor's Degree.

it's sad that you don't see stay at home mother, or housewife there.
we have young ladies growing up, without being taught how to be housewives,

Will you be one of the women, to serve God biblically? or will you fall and lose to the world at hand,

I pray God gives you strength, this world is tough, but with God we can make it through.

Children miss out on so much, when they don't have mothers caring for them each and everyday, providing them with love, and motherly affection, when you work, you're punishing your child, emotionally.

I don't know what your thoughts on this are, but I cannot and would not ever think of being a career woman and not a stay at home mother. I wouldn't ever dream of it. it's always been my dream.

instead of saying I want to be a business woman, or a doctor, or a mail woman, I wanted to be a "Mommy" that was my ideal dream and it still is.

Thank you for reading.
In His Honor,


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Friday, September 10, 2010

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is your mask on today?

Would the real modest lady please step forward? Which mask are you wearing today? Is it the "I'm a perfect mother mask," maybe the " I never struggle mask?"

Why do we, as Christian ladies feel that we need to walk through our Christian life acting as though we've got everything together? As if God did not have to extend all that much grace to us because, after all, we arent really that bad. We look around and compare ourselves and we aren't as bad as what we see all around us, so we feel pretty good about ourselves. We don't allow anyone to see our weaknesses and would never dream of honestly exposing our struggles to others.

Ladies, how can we be an encouragement to one another if we keep our "perfect" mask on? If we are too consumed with wanting others to think we are the Godliest, the most modest, the best.... how can we minister to others? How can we show the grace of God and His love, when we present ourselves like that?

I desire to be real. Ladies, I don't have it all together. I have made mistakes and I still do. I still need the strength of the Lord to walk through this life. I don't always want to right and I don't always choose to do right. Is it my goal to serve and please my Lord? YES!! Do I always fulfill that goal? NO!

Consider John chapter 4 and the Samaritan woman. If she had kept her mask on would she have drank the water that truly satisfied? This lady clearly saw her need for a Savior and she had no doubt that she needed help. Is that how you see yourself?

Do you see yourself as wretched? Or do you think you are somehow better than others because you attend church, wear the "right" clothes and the list goes on and on. Ladies, make no mistake about it, we are wretched sinners. It is ONLY in Christ that there is anything worthy about us.

How many blessings are we missing by trying to walk in our own strength and act as if "we have this covered?" We not only miss the blessing of running to our Lord for every ounce of strength and goodness, but also the blessing of being able to minister to others.

Join me today and let's take our mask off. Let's run to the Lord for strength and then minister to others by removing the fake mask and being real with one another. We have to admit that we need help in order to show others where we get that help.