Sunday, July 24, 2011

Judging Before You Read The Book. Part 1

Many people judge people so fact in a blink of an eye on just what the person in front of them, or even afar off is wearing.

It could just be the way we have always done things. But I see differently. I too was one of those people that would narrow down what type of person someone might be, by what they wore............

That was until I started working. Now some of you may find this to be not biblical, some of you might not care. And even some of you might not ever read this blog again. But there's something important I must share with you all.

I come in contact with SO many people a day when I work..its pitiful. I work at a grocery store.
I of course cannot go and when someone comes to check out, look at them in shame because they are barely wearing any clothing. No. I treat them all the same. Would you like to know why? Because they deserve it. They deserve the christian love. We are all sinners.

I was fortunate to be able to wear skirts to work. In that, I realize how quickly people in work-place and in general label you and how they treat you.

What I want to do, is explain to you. That even if you see a person for only a brief moment.
Make that moment stick to their minds.
I work at a grocery store. Bagging groceries. :-) So I come in contact with people for 1- to even 10 minutes.

you can either waste that moment. Or make it count. It could make them think about something. Even if you wear a skirt. it could make them think about people that wear skirts all the time. Which could lead to them getting saved one day. Its a moment that is up to you.

is it their fault if they dress in close to nothing at the store? Do they know better? How did Jesus treat the adulterer? I'm no better then her. That's one thing you have to face. You are not perfect, you are no better christian then someone else, saved or not.