Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hidden Desire.

we all have a hidden desire, whats yours?
Ladies of today have that open desire, to get attention, even if you are doing it because your proud of your body, your not saving your body for what you should, you might say.

                        "well your rude, who are you to say that"

by dressing Modestly, we are covering our bodies, covering what God gave us, if you are a pants wearing lady, so be it, that is your choice, your standard, your desire.

when you get dressed, what is your desire?

1 : to long or hope for : exhibit or feel desire for
2 a : to express a wish for : request b archaic : to express a wish

despite what many may think, when you walk out of the house with close to nothing on, your body will be feasted on by the eyes of many, you just have to ask yourself, do you want that?
If Jesus came back today, would you want to be wearing that pair of pants? that pair of culottes, Oh darn you just couldn't wear that fuller skirt to do the garden? or you wanted to be able to do more manly jobs,,

As we take our daily walk with God, walking in his will, and following his words, we must not pick and choose passages from the bible, but to read and obey all, though it is hard to follow through with them sometimes, we have to.

it is either right for all ladies to wear pants all the time or never, there is no compromise.

its either right for all ladies to be able to wear pants while doing stuff that they probably shouldn't be doing, or its not. you cant have it both ways, can't have your cake and eat it too.

sister, is your desire to please the Lord? if not, you need to do some reading.
it's not going to be much longer where we wont be able to read our bibles and proclaim faith, or even speak the word of Jesus.

do not fall into the worlds desires, of sin and immodesty. do not be like the world, don't live for yourself, or for the world, live for God, glorify him, in appearance and actions, please him.

If your saved, LOOK LIKE IT, if your saved ACT LIKE IT! too many people are mistaken for the lost and worldly, instead of the saved and Godly. Think about it ladies.

Thank You For Reading.
In His Honor.

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