Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guest Post.


Just keeping it simple.... As I sat here pondering what to write, once my fingers started, it all became very clear and second nature.

It's often very confusing and disturbing to me to see the way young girls, teenage girls, young women and even some older women are dressing. I don't buy the, "they don't know any better" story. I think it's more or less that they just don't care. Wanting to be a part of the popular crowd or being accepted by your peers should only be YOU being who you really are without all the false pretenses. If the people around you aren't accepting you for that, then you really should ask yourself if you need them in your life anyway.

I've heard different reasoning for the way some dress. Some flat out think it's cute. Some say they want the attention, but do you really want all of the attention you may get? Not all attention is good. What happens when you get the attention of some pervert or unstable individual and they act out based on the way you dressed has made them feel? It may not be what you intended at all (in your mind) but, the reality of it all is that you have no control over what someone else thinks.

Then, it's too little, too late when something bad happens. I think as a society, we have become really lax. Everyone wants to take religion out of the schools, the workplace....their life. There is no choice but God, and the sooner we realize that, the better we will be as a whole. People walk around on eggshells instead of talking to someone about a certain situation and the most important topic, religion. They fear what the other person may think or say. I think we need to be more involved with one one another, talk to each other, be there to listen and direct each other when someone is not going down the right path. Instead, we sit back and talk about them amongst ourselves instead of trying to talk to them. How can we get better as a people if we continue with this mindset? Remember, reach one~teach one~

Thanks for reading....Jocelyn

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