Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wearing skirts: my story.

Hello Ladies, 
Today we have a question from a reader below.

"Does anyone on here have any advise for those of us who do not have one other friend (in the community) (we have cousins and church friends 30 miles away) who dress in skirts/culottes. It is quite easy to stand on a conviction when everyone around you is doing the same thing but how do you help lead your daughters to not hate skirts and culottes because she is the ONLY one wherever we go. Is anyone out there having this problem?"

Here is my personal story of when I started wearing skirts.
I started when I was about 14. It was very rough at first. I only wore jeans they were quite baggy to be honest. My mother wanted me to read a article on wearing pants Click Here. I was about 14 at the time, right before church on a sunday night as I remember, I read it and went up and changed for church and after that I never put a pair of pants on again. I am almost 20 now.

It was very rough at first as I only had a closet full of dressy dresses for church and then pants. for a few weeks that's all I wore. Those dressy dresses everyday, but that was okay for me because I wanted to make God happy. I'd get looks of all sorts going to the store which is now where I work. Whenever I'd feel down I'd simply pray and ask God for strength. I didn't know why there would be laughing or staring and pointing but in todays views it is thought to be "weird" to wear dresses or skirts that were long.

It was fine and I thank the Lord I didn't have to go to public schools as I was homeschooled how much worse the teasing might have been. I started my first job in 2011 at a grocery store wearing a tan skirt that was ankle length. Over the years I've learned to do almost anything in a skirt without revealing myself. It's all about the fullness and length. I personally prefer long and very full. Sometimes I prefer a less full skirt depending on what I'm doing. I do not wear knee length skirts or dresses as they are a hassle and less modest to me. When you sit down with a knee length skirt or dress you will have to pull down just to make sure you don't reveal yourself or show anything. Why go to the extra hassle. God said we are to be set apart from the world. So ladies wearing knee length skirts because They cannot find long skirts or they do not want to be looked at by people weird you're doing it for the wrong reasons.

We are to be set apart

"But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7

We are to dress to be set apart from the world because man does not see how the world see's believe me there is a big difference between a lady wearing a knee length skirt and a ankle length skirt. Off my rabbit trail though.

My first day an associate came up to me and said "um you have to go change you're not allowed to wear skirts dear" I then went to the manager and fixed the problem because I was told I was able to wear skirts. I continued wearing skirts. I got weird looks from many faces, and some folks stopped me to thank me for covering up and being modest. Some told me it was a blessing to see modesty in work uniforms. I struggled only with criticisms from people I knew. I have now been working there about 2 years and everyone knows I wear skirts. I've been asked so many times if I was apart of a religious cult or is a was apostolic or pentecostal or amish or even a mormon. That comes with having waist length hair and wearing skirts all the time.

Many people have asked me if my parents made me wear skirts or if it was my choice. At the time I did it to please God because I knew it was right. It's wasn't easy changing over like I did. I've seen many a person go and it was too much. But I'm here to tell you it's not about you or me it's about pleasing God. My parents have said it's always been my choice and my conviction. I chose to please God and now today I please God and I feel like a lady I feel more feminine and men treat you differently when wearing a skirt or dress. They have more respect young or old there is a respect there. If you are struggling with being made fun of or changing over my advice to you is one thing. they don't matter God does. Don't be a people pleaser, please God.It's YOUR conviction not anyone else's

I would like to invite you to share your stories with me, of you or a loved one. please email me at with the subject titled "skirts"

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you.

In His Name,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Neglecting Friends: The Greatest Friend.

Hello Ladies,

I realize it has been a very long time since I have wrote to you. For sometime now I have been busy with struggles and decided it was best to take a break from writing on this blog.

My title is "Neglecting Friends: The Greatest Friend" Life is very quickly passing by, in the blink of an eye your day is done and it's already time for bed. What I really want to talk to you about is two major parts

Neglecting friends. But who? I'm talking about our greatest friend God. Let me ask you something.
If you had a friend of whom you shared great acquaintance with, you talked on a daily bases but suddenly you were swept up by life's cares and struggles. Just as it happens with friends you talk less and less, but when you need something you go to that friend for comfort and advice, guidance and so on.
Have you ever stopped to think how you would feel if YOU were that friend, how you would feel if your friend hardly talked to you except when they needed something. You'd feel downright used and upset. No friend deserves that treatment, especially your greatest friend God.

How do you think God feels when you talk to him sometimes but more and more when you need something. Do you ever stop to say "Thank you Lord for your blessings on me" Take a moment to say thank you Lord for the blessings in my life. Though everything is not alright in life right now. It's easy to see the hopeless despair and sorrow in rough times. How about looking at the good in your life. "Count your blessings name them one by one"

Take a moment would you please. Sit there and whether your having a wonderful time in life or things are not so peachy. Please take a moment and think about all the things God has blessed you with whether it be little or big, and say "Thank you Lord"

This should go into your daily prayers, Not just when things are good, but we need to thank him when things are bad too! Yes, we need to take a moment aside in hard times and thank him for the blessings that he has given you. Don't neglect any of your friends especially God. He doesn't deserve that, no one does.

This is just a thought for the day. I notice so many people having troubles and then they become very into God when things get good for them or when they need something. Don't let God be that friend you talk to just because you need something, make him a greater friend than that.

Dig into his word daily and then add in prayer mix it up and have a conversation just as you would with a friend. You wouldn't believe the change in your life it makes. What better of a friend to tell all your sorrows hopes and dreams then to the greatest friend of all, the one who listens always.

In His Name,