Friday, June 18, 2010

Lets not Compromise.

Ladies I have come to you today, to write a blog, something that has been getting at me, and the Lord has layed it upon my heart to write about it.

God provided a way for women to dress, he provided a way for men to dress, today we have now decided to rebel against God, "I'm not going to hell for dressing like this" "don't tell me I'm wrong" "no one is perfect"
true, your not going to hell, but you will be judged, is it worth rebelling against God?

rebelling against our Creator because of Our Selfish needs or is it Our Fleshly needs?
Your no better then I, because once upon a time I was a pants wearing lady myself. wearing pants is either wrong for all or none, there is NO compromising, many ladies of today compromise, they most popularly compromise in the following ways.

1. Wearing skirts and dresses to church, maybe if people from Church come over throwing on a skirt.

2. Wearing "dressy" slacks to church.(I find this very distasteful and disrespectful to God and church going folks)

3. wearing low cut shirts, sheer shirts, sheer skirts, tight dresses,

4. Buttons!! Ladies be careful with button up dresses, I advise you to get 1 size bigger when buying button up skirts dresses and shirts,

there are too many more to list,
while we try to compromise in many of these ways, or just simply do it carelessly.

I had a funeral to attend about 2 weeks ago for a family member, I had a darker button down dress, it went a little too low for comfort, I had just gotten it from goodwill. I put a black shirt on under it, it worked perfectly, at first I thought I was going to get made fun of for it, but I didn't in fact I actually got compliments, from my grandfather and a few other people. the point wasn't that I was afraid to get made fun of, it was not that I felt uncomfortable, it was that I felt God would not be pleased with it going that low, that if I had to lean over to get something, a brother would've stumbled.

I don't want that do you?
a very good friend of mine made an excellent point when she said the follow, "when ladies get dressed to go out, they know what they are doing, they know when they put on those garments they know whose eyes they need to draw attention to."  I too myself agreed with the statement.

look in the mirror before you even leave your own bedroom or house, ask yourself these questions.

1. is this outfit setting yourself apart from the world?

2. are you glorifying God wearing this?

3. is this going to cause a brother to stare? or stumble.

4. would you wear this in front of a pastor?

5. is this outfit attention grabbing?

ask yourself those questions upon leaving your bedroom or house.
on skirts ladies, if you sit down in a lady-like way, do you still have to guard people from seeing your legs?
if so you need to invest in longer skirts.

I am disgusted by what young and older teenage girls wear into public, shorts shorter then under garments, its as if they are so tight she would have had to have surgery to have them put on, so short that they look like she forgot to put bottoms on.

what is worse? is if their own mother is dressing that way, I was blessed with a Godly mother, that taught me to follow God. I am thankful we serve such a mighty God. so loving, and long suffering.
Ladies I pray that if you are still wearing pants or short shorts that you take a moment to think about this. please go ahead and pray for a moment in prayer.

Thank You For reading.

In His Honor


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  1. Thank You Katie, I am so blessed to know you. And you are such a blessing to others. Thank you and Thank God for brining you into my life and giving me such wonderous encouragement and faith that others think like us out their and that we are not alone in God's Army. :)


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