Friday, February 18, 2011

Why Buy Clothing That's Made in The USA?

I buy clothing that's made in the USA because it's important, not only is there better quality. But it also gives me a sense of trust.

Have you ever bought something that was made in China, and it broke or ripped shortly if not long after you bought it?
Yes some people like to say the same can happen to American made products. Of course not all things are made to last forever. But when I buy something I want it to at least have the quality to last for what I need it for, who wants to keep buying things over and over again?

One thing I have noticed is. You can argue all you want about buying products made in China or even in other countries are fine. Just because they are sold in the United States stores. That is false.

We didn't do that back 50, 60 years ago.

I have a skirt that was my grandma's, my mom's, then partly my sister, then mine.
Mine for over 10 years and still counting. The brand is Sunset Blues. it has a special tag apart on the other side of the band of the skirt. that is red and blue that says MADE IN USA.

It was both that it was made in the USA and that it has lasted for a good 40 years.
There's a sense of trust as I said earlier in the post but also a comfort knowing your money went to someone that's a legal American (of course that's another time another post, not now.) And that it was made and sold in America.

A comfort knowing it's going to hold up as long as my skirt has and will.
Whether it's a skirt, shirt or dress I feel it's better if you buy it and made sure it's made in the USA.

Yes, I'm guilty of buying Croft and Barrow sweaters, and just a few blouses. (when you can find them modest enough.) And yes they are made in the USA.
But I've found that they don't last as long, the pretty colors (Croft and Barrow has wonderful colors!) fade, and so does the material.

So in conclusion I urge you to buy products that are made in the USA. You want your moneys worth?
Then buy clothing that's made in the USA. It's worth the extra money, because in all honesty. It lasts longer.


In our next post I will be listing USA American stores small and big. the focus American made clothing.


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  2. Bring more clothing manufacturing back to the USA. This is the biggest reason to buy USA. Keep it going!


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