Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unexpected, Destructive and Absolute!

Good Day to all of my sisters in Christ,

I have been reading a book lately, (very rarely that I am able to read other books other than a Bible, :) ) and I found the points quite a bit close to home. Come along with me and my thoughts...................

When God commands we listen.......or do we?

The commands that God gives us are absolute, complete, final and perfect. Then why is it that so many argue, invalidate and completely disregard some of His commands?

When you love Jesus, you pledge heart, mind, body and soul this is a conscience descision. This is a 100% your choice descision. Then why when God commands modesty, so many "christian women" argue? Then why when God commands Obiedences, submission (for Him and for your Husband as well), so many "christian women" turn away, throw up their arms, kick, scream and make a scene?

Well you know for all of the times I want to get mad and get angry at all of the "christian women" who say they love Jesus 100% without fail...and then turn around and completley disregard His commands with an air of compromise with a ready made worldly excuse.....I think of all the lessons to be gleaned and how to live my life better...

So in their mistakes I am able to learn, grow and love God better....

For example:

Lot's Wife--Genesis 19:22 shows us that even in the absolute terror of God's Wrath, this women looked back, she then was turned to a pillar of salt.
Lesson: keep your eyes upon Jesus and walk straight ahead.

Potiphars' Wife--Genesis 39:12-20 shows us that it is easy to get lonely, to give in to lustful thoughts, to lie, cheat and it is in all of us, unfortunatley, and how very wrong and how very fast it can happen.
Lesson: Look unto God's Word, hide it in you heart at all times, know that temptation will come, know that loneliness will creep around your heart, but if your heart is in line with the Holy Spirit you will not go astray!

There are so many examples in the Bible of women that went so far as to be singled out, told exactly what to do and then turn their noses up and walk away from God, (so to speak). So even if we have these women around us, that seem to not be walking with the Lord, as closely as we think, we should all realize there is so many lessons to be learned and so many opportunities to become a beacon, an example and a light that may one day convict the heart of those who walk hand holding out to the Lord and other hand holding on to the world!

Join me in making the walk with the Lord the only walk and let us all stand up and stand in obedience.

Thank you For joining me today,
With Him all is possible,

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