Thursday, August 19, 2010

Featured Modesty. and another post!

I could not help but make a post, about a blog that I have fell in love with, Bramblewood Fashion a band of 2 sisters, that make Modest Clothing, how wonderful,

You Don't see Modesty like this very often, all of her clothing seems to be Very Modest in what I have seen so far :-)

Thank you so much Ashley and Gabrielle for writing a lovely blog, I'm sure we will be doing an interview very soon. but as for now, Lets get to my post.

Girls of today, want to try to be Modest while still in style, I have no problem with that, except, that those two words should never be right next to each other, Modern Modesty, Putting today's clothing and calling it modest, and though in some cases it is Modest, you need to ask yourself the following.

  • Am I pleasing the Lord with what I'm about to wear?
  • Will I be drawing unneeded attention?
  • Will people see Christ in me?
  • Will this cause a Brother in Christ to Stumble?

Can You see your knees? No I'm serious Ladies, This is a problem many girls have, Modesty *appearance wise* is that we put Modern Fashion into Our Modesty views. Test out your wardrobe with a few questions.
  • Can you see your knees or the back of your knees (back leg) while standing up or walking?
  • when you sit down, do you have to fix your skirt and pull and tug on it so no one See's up your skirt or any of your legs?
  • Can people see any bulges from your stomach, Backside, or thighs?
  • Does your shirt cling and make curves, that cause unneeded attention?

These are all questions that need to be ask, sometimes we compromise our views and don't do what we need to do, the truth is, we need to stand up. fix our wardrobes and dress like a Christian striving for Gods own heart.

How can we spread the good news to a lost person, if we don't even look saved? sure, you might be able to win them, True Story: I'm sure this has happened to you.

You get our of the car/van start walking through the parking lot or on a sidewalk, someone is walking out, but what happens?

a Man, even a woman most of the time an older woman, open the door for you, why is that? because they respect you, and your dressed like a lady.

You can say what ever you want ladies, but it's an act of Respect. an old man with a cane that can barely walk, insists on opening the door for you to go ahead in the door first even though you were ahead.

we need to get back to that era, where women dressed like women, and girls dressed like girls. as you can see, what was said above has happened to many ladies, and happened more then a couple handful of times to me, and the ladies in my family.

when you look in the mirror.

  • are you a closed vessel,
  • are you saving yourself. for your future husband, or for your husband. saving yourself for your husbands eyes, that only he should see.
  • Does your husband or father or brother agree with what you are wearing?

if you answered no to any of the above, you need to do something to make it a yes.
before you buy something, if you don't feel comfortable wearing it anywhere and everywhere, then don't buy it, sometimes, we as ladies should pray, if we should get a piece of clothing, though it seems funny, or rather silly, we really should, God will provide you with an answer, as my grandma always said, if it's meant to be, it will be there next time you come.

When it comes to Blouses, ones with buttons you should always buy a size bigger, why? because if you will regret it in the end if you don't imagine sitting there, and you having to sit carefully so you don't bulge or look as if your going to burst open, buy a size bigger,

Ladies, if you can get a trusted Christian friend or your mother, father, or husband to come along with you shopping, it makes it much easier, sometimes our eyes can deceive us in front of the mirror.
I hope that in some way I have helped you, along with something. :-)

Thank You for Reading

In His Honor.,

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