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Interview With Hannah Lyons.

Interview with Miss Hannah Lyons

Hannah Lyons, Picture by Lisa Lyons

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So Hannah tell us about your family? and what it's like to be a missionary to Japan?

Hannah: My family is awesome! I love them! there is 7 of us counting my parents lol, I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. All of us children grew up in church. My dad was a pastor for 3 years before we became Missionaries. being a Missionary can be hard some times but you get to see God work in SO many ways and being about to go to a country and start a church and see people saved and start to grow in Christ is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! :D I think the only "bad" thing about it is that people expect so much out of you and a lot of times its more then you can be but you try your hardest and just live for God the way he wants you to.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: What family member are you closet to? and why?

Hannah: I would have to say my 3rd brother Luke, Because we understand each other and we like almost all the same things lol and he has always been there for me threw every hard time I have been there for him. I mean I am close to all my family but I'm closest to him.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So being a Stay at Home Missionary Daughter, What was it like when you were younger?

Hannah:Well from right before 7 to right before I turned 10 my dad was a pastor and it was fun but it was a small church and there wasn't many kids so it was kinda boring at times lol but I loved helping out in the church and going on the Bus with my dad every Sunday morning! But at home...well we lived on an old farm and we had cows and chickens lol It was a blast! I wouldn't change anything about my life then.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: How is your relationship with your mom and dad? being missionaries they must be pretty busy.

Hannah: They are, and its hard some times. like some times I will need help with school or some thing but I know that the ministry is more important so I will just try to do it on my own. But our relationship it pretty good. I know that if I have a big prob they will be there to help me and talk with me about it. I tell my mom every thing and then she tells my dad lol so I don't have to tell him lol

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So you have traveled alot of places in your life, what was your favorite?

Hannah: Omg! must you ask that Question? lol I would prob have to say right here in Japan. I Love it here and I cry every time I have to leave it, but I love a lot of places we went on the road lol

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So I was talking to you the other day, tell us about Africa. :-)

Well I love hear about it and I feel such a burden for the people there but mostly for the deaf blind and ect. In Africa like a a lot of countries if you are born dear or blind or some thing like that you are locked away in a small room or closet and are only let out to use the rest room. They slide food under the door for them to eat. They don't let them out because to them they have no use for them because they can't work as good they think and some times they just leave them on the side of the road some where. So I would love to open a home for the children and even adults to come and learn about God and it would also be a school and yeah just show them that some one does care for them and that God will never leave them.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: What is your main concern in Japan?

Hannah: Well I think its that the young people over here in Japan are heading in the same way as those back in the states. Now I'm not saying that all young people in the states are bad but I'm sure you understand what I mean and then that they are so into buddah and shinto that they don't really care about hearing what you have to say about God and it is really sad. Before I leave I would like to see a couple Japanese families join the church and start living for God and see our church grow enough that we have to move into a bigger building!

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So what is your favorite part about being a missionary kid?

Hannah: Getting to meet new people and go all the different places and serving God.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: Do you have any advice for daughters that are missionaries , or stay at home daughters?

Hannah: Just do what God wants you to do and live every day like its your last! Keep a smile on your face even in the bad times. :) There is always some thing to smile about and be thankful for :D

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  1. thank you so much for sharing Hannah this is so encouraging to hear from the daughter and not just the parents of stay at homes! Thank you so much!


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