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Interview With Katherine Farley,

Interview with Katherine Farley.

Katherine Farley is an 21 year-old Stay at home daughter, that enjoys cooking and baking, sewing, knitting, and photography. This was pretty fun interviewing her, so enjoy and see how it went!

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So what made you (in the future) want to be a Stay at home Mother?

Katherine: Before i became a Christian, i wanted nothing to do with marriage, and children. I had many friends of my parents tell me that they were praying that i would homeschool my children one day. I thought that was the most ridiculous thing i had ever heard! In 2002 my dad was preaching at a supporting church in Louisa, VA. I attended the kids Sunday school class that morning with some friends. At the end of the class the teacher gave an invitation. I remember so clearly him saying, if you are not sure of your salvation, PLEASE do not raise your hand, and say that you are, and that he would speak to whomever wanted to be sure. I did not go forward. A few days later, i went to my mom, and asked her to show me how to be sure. That evening she led me to Christ. Over the months and years since my conversion the Lord has been molding and changing my heart. I now see that being a wife and mother is the greatest achievement, and a high calling for women. I look forward to the day that the Lord brings the man that he has created for me, into my life, and I pray that he blesses me with many children.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So as a Stay at home daughter (as of right now) what do you do around the house?

Katherine: My mom and i share the meal responsibilities, as well as clean up. My mom and I work as a team to clean the house, and to help my dad and brother with whatever they may need help with. I also work in my Dad's ministry office, putting orders together, cleaning, assembling tracts. I also run the home Bible study that our ministry offers, which entails sending out the courses and grading tests. And, when my brother is too busy to do it, I will mow the lawn.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So can you tell us what it's like to go to a Civil- War Re-enactment?

Katherine: haha I shall try my best to describe it! Most re-enactments start on Saturday and end Sunday afternoon, after the battle. Bigger events, like Gettysburg, start on Friday. Depending on the event, we arrive either on Thursday or Friday before the event, to sign in, and set up our camp. When we started out re-enacting, we had an officer's wall tent, and a fly to have shade from the sun. In those days we slept in the tent. We travel 30-40,000 miles a year, as my Dad is also an evangelist. The Lord allowed us to get a used RV several years back, which makes traveling much easier. So needless to say we no longer sleep in the canvas tent! We have downsized a lot along the years. We now set up what is called an A-frame tent, and a large fly. Our displays entail gospel tracts, and books that we have reprinted from originals, as well as artifacts from the new National Civil War Chaplains Museum. We sit under our tent and talk to all of the spectators that come by, giving away the tracts and trying to answer their questions. On Sunday morning my Dad holds a period church service for any one who is interested.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So what is your favorite part of the re-enactments?

hmmm....well I definitely love seeing people get right with God at our services. A lot of people think that we are just "pretending" because that what the other re-enactors are doing, but our services are 100% real. If it weren't for the fact that the Lord started this ministry i seriously doubt that my Dad would have stayed with the hobby for so long.

I especially love going to the large, national events. You can get a feel of what it was really like, and see what the battle might have looked like. I love being able to educate people about the war. Our history has been changed to what people want to hear, and made so politically correct. It is amazing to see the light spark in people when they realize that what they have taught, isn't true! As well as spreading the Good News, we thoroughly enjoy helping people realize the true history behind the War Between the States.

I also have several ancestors that fought in the Civil War. I love that I can represent them , and honor what they fought and died for.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So tell us about your Photography.

Katherine: For as long as I can remember, I have always LOVED photography. I remember when i was little, staring at pictures for hours! Pictures so intrigue me...they make me wonder about the story behind them. I was able to purchase a Nikon SLR digital camera last summer. I am slowly, but surely starting a photography business. I have done a few photo shoots with my friends, and was asked to do my first paid shoot in April. I have more lined up for later this year. Along with portraits, i also enjoy nature photography. I love being able to capture God's wonderful creation. I feel like this is a great opportunity to work part time, but still be able to do my responsibilities at home.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So tell us about the name you came up with, and the story behind that.

Katherine: I have come up with the name Lasting Memories Photography. I wanted something that would be catchy, but would also pertain to photography, which i feel it does both. :) When I see pictures, I see them as memories being preserved in the form of a picture for all to see. I feel so honored when people ask me to be able to help them preserve their memories. I love that i can help them make their memories last a lifetime...hence my tagline, making your memories last a lifetime.

Modesty is Next to Beauty: How does your family feel about your Photography?

Katherine: They love it! They back me 100%...they are just as excited as I am when I get a new client. They are always encouraging me, and helping me come up with different poses and such. They also like to advertise for me! haha! I usually show them my pictures when I am done, or get their opinion if I am having a difficult time with something. I think they are used to the fact now, that when we go somewhere that I will take a ton of pictures!

Modesty is Next to Beauty: So Out of all of your family, which family member are you closest to and why?

Katherine: Probably my mom. We do everything together, from grocery shopping, to cleaning the house, to cooking/baking, to doing projects together. She has been such a godly example to me, and taken the time to train me to be a godly wife and mother someday. She has taught me to sew, and cook and bake. The fact that she took the time to do all these things, and to homeschool me, is priceless. I have learned so much from her, and I know that i will learn many more things. My prayer is that I can be like her one day!

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