Saturday, August 21, 2010


Our christain walk should be like a raging inferno!

This past week myself and my family have been living in the middle of a wildfire. Although this expierence has been so terrifying, the Lord was able to get through a few points to me. Come along and read awhile.................

At first glance the forest fire is behind the mountain really no threat to anyone or you put it out of your mind.

This is where I was when I was first saved. Although I was on fire I really stayed back, only obeying the commandments that I thought was necessary. The one's I thought God thought was most important. This is where I held steadfast to my worldly wants and desires but now curbed myself a little to fit into a more "christian" approach to my lifestyle and my choices.

Then you start to see the flicker of the flames, one by one trees rage up and smoke and then die down to just smoldering........

This is where I was in the begining of my marriage. On fire, wanting to do something for the Lord, opening my heart....then went to the wrong church and although still my heart was with the Lord, I simmered down.

Then the entire mountain is on fire, you are in fear, a state of perpetual shock, fear, and awe. You see how fast, how devastating, how magnificant, how powerful the Lord really is. You see how in an instant the Lord can move the mountains, change the wind and up roar to bring you to your knees and pray. You see how strong He is and weak you really are. You see your entire life and the lives around you and how precious and what you hold dear. You see materialism in some and complete obedience in others.

The Lord has been conditioning my heart in the last year. I used to be a hoarder, I wanted all my stuff all the time! I paid for it I wanted it...and slowly the Lord has been guiding me teaching me and giving me hard lessons to learn and to teach others. When we moved from the Condo only two short months ago, I wanted to hang on to so much, to take so much, I felt I couldnt part with it. So I only took what I thought was needed. Sitting in admist the fire going up all around me I looked at all of our stuff and realized that none of it was needed. I got our pictures (one small plastic container) enough clothes to get by (one laundry basket, and one milk crate) diapers wipes toiletries and blankets for the children, movies for the kids and the homeschool stuff....And looked around and for the first time in my life was content.

You see the Lord gives us situations that we can glean so much wisdom from and we dont even realize it!

I looked at the fire and was terrified but knew if we had to fight it we would fight it as a whole, together as a family. And I was content in knowing the Lord would keep me and my family safe. I looked around and was disgusted by others wanting to hoard things that really were not that important. I was dissapointed in petty things and realized that I have to forgive, I have to have mercy, I have to be able to give grace, Ihave to pray, I have to come to my knee's, I have to let go and realize that I cannot change anyone, I have to realize that the Lord is always in control and He has the Power to change it all, I have to realize that no matter wht the most important things are number one God, number to my husband, number three my children, number four my extended family, number five material things that are needed (ie. birth certificates,pictures, clothes, school work).

Thank you God for giving me life lessons. Thank you God for anwsering all of my prayers, even though sometimes i dont think you anwser them I know you do!

The next time you have a rough situation, no matter how bad, how hard, please look and see where God is in it! In the end this will be where you get your strength from! Where are you in your christian walk....are you a raging inferno without cease, do you talk to everyone, are you a light for christ, do you give out tracts and do all that you are called to do, or are you on fire behind the mountain? Do you love the Lord but not sure how,what where to do go......Begin with prayer and let your circumstances teach you, see the Lord moving in them guiding you, teaching you, molding you into His masterpiece!

Thank you for reading,
With Him all is possible,

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