Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love Him. ~James 1:12~

What happens then Lord, when my circumstances change....? What happens when you move me and I do not know where or how the Word lives in me.....? I can honestly admit that sometimes I am overwhelmed and exhausted. I can honestly admit that following you in the way you have shown is is not easy. It is so hard, sometimes I faulter from your way, when I want to fall to the wayside.....

Then Lord, in the quiet moments when I am still, when I am silent, when I am in the middle of the depth of the enemies game of sorrow....

You come to me. You fill me with your love. You reward me for the choices I have made. Even when I feel the enemies darkness envelope me and covers me. It is like when I get to the bottom of what I think is never ending darkness you open the clouds and through the haze a ray of light comes through. This light is brighter than any light my eyes have seen. This light is so warm, but not a burn, a warmth that melts me from the depths of my soul and fills my earthly body in every inche!

You know me. You love me. You carry me when I am unable to go on.

Being a daughter of Christ is not easy but it is what you command. Being a lady of Christ is what we are called to do...

But in the world we live in it is so hard, the persecution is not what I can handle, the strength of me alone is not good enough.

This world that I live in is cruel and mean, it is a world where the enemie is creating his realm. I feel that it is getting worse and worse...

Thankfully, I do not live, walk, talk, dress, parent, be a wife, a friend, a mentor, a woman who must work for her family to eat, a mother, a daughter, a granddaughter, a neice, a cousin, a woman bymyself.

Thankfully, of these things I must, have to , want to , need to do, I do with your hand on my life. I do these with you carry the real heaviness that I will not know of until I meet with You. I do these things for the love of You. I do these things for the Heavenly Home. I do these things for The Lord my God whom shed His very own for my Salvation.

Yes, modesty is not easy! Yes, living Your Word is not easy! Yes, walking side by side with those hate You, is not easy!

Yes, I will be a modesty woman, raise my family in Your word, walk side by side with those who Hate you!

Because I am called to go out into the world and be Your Light. And if I am able to give one person or thousands Your love and they share it with others then I am doing Your work.

I am blessed to be persecuted. I am blessed to be hated. I am blessed to be in hardship. I am blessed to be a daughter of Christ.

“In prayer, something like an echo takes place. When you strike a note on the piano, corresponding strings in all the other pianos in the room start to vibrate. It is just the same when we express a pure wish in our ardent prayers: all around us we mobilize angels who are inspired by the same wish.” —Richard Wurmbrand

Thank you for joining me in my journey with the Lord,

In Him all is possible,


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