Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bring Back REAL women.

Today ladies we wonder down one of life's many paths, so sit down relax, get your coffee or tea and enjoy.
This is pointed and aimed at younger girls and teenagers. but if it is useful to other ladies so be it,

This is in no way judging you, or saying you are wrong, and I hope I don't come off across as mean,
Shall we start?

Gone are the days of home-makers, a young lady wanting/waiting to be a home-maker, taking care of the home, homeschooling her children raising them, cooking, cleaning, doing house chores, having tea, talking with God,
how does that sound to you? it sounds pretty good to me! :-)

I'm not married yet ladies, so don't start in on the "well your married that's what you do" it is not on the account of which my parents want, but the account on which the Lord wants, and with my conviction I shall be doing what was said above when I become a wife to the man God has provided in his will.

If you think I'm crazy, press the X on the top right hand corner of the page, if not continue reading,:-)

Lets bring back real women,

The ones that have grace,
The ones that dress like ladies,
The ones that want to be women and know they are,
The ones that don't want to be equal to men and don't want to be head of the house,
The ones that don't usurp the mans authority,
The ones that Love God for real,
Then the ones that know a man should preach.

Lets bring back women of faith and femininity, not feminism, showing the world that you are not of it, or like it, sharing the word of God with other young ladies that do not know it,


At first I wanted to write this about what home-makers should be or should strive to be, but then God led me to write about bringing back real women,

we go through those moments everyday, the moments in which sadly we walk through the store and it is filled with girls with short shorts, painted on pants, and "strange" men, but what do we do? it's disturbing and uncomfortable for sure, but do you do anything? did you show your love for God to them? maybe give them a track?

the act of kindness goes a long way with people that are lost, and do not know any better, I know several ladies that dress with short shorts and tank tops, because sadly they have nothing else to wear, and have not been taught any other way.

I know when I wore pants (long time ago) I know ladies must have looked at me weird too.
unfortunately I did not know better, I felt that it was not wrong or right,

But one thing was always for sure, I ALWAYS, wore skirts and dresses that were appropriate to church. when I used to wear pants,
I wore baggy pants, that made me look bigger then I actually was, when you go through puberty you gain wait and your body changes,
I did not like wear short shorts or shorts for that matter ever, If I did wear tank tops, I  Only wore tank tops to bed, and have never even tried on a halter top.

But still I was convicted, and I became for curious in Modesty, now I cannot wear pants or culottes, I feel that they are pants, I feel that I'm wear men's clothing.

women back in the old days always wore dresses, and white button-down shirts with skirts, you see in some ads or movies ladies from the 40's and 50's wearing dresses, that was before pants and Hollywood really got to women, and so now we are here, 2010 and women and young ladies dress as men and men even dress in dresses, When God said it is an abomination (Deut 22:5) he meant it, men and women are causing confusion upon gender,

Culottes, to me are pants, that of course is just me, Culottes were originally knee high breeches, for military wear in the 19th century, now just as the excuse of "but these aren't men's pants they are women's pants" it's "culottes?? on men??! DISGUSTING"

sadly soon, it will be "Men in pants?? that's disgusting!! pants are for women" the world is causing confusion.

So ladies lets bring back real women, put on a dress or a skirt (No minis has to go below knee) and be feminine, cook a little, sew a little, bake some cookies, feel like a women or young lady while sweeping or vacuuming.

Bring it on back to Proverbs 31 be a Virtuous woman, be a Home-maker, and if your not married, be a stay at home daughter! :-)

Thank You For reading!
In His Honor.

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  1. An excellent article Katie, thank you for reinforcing the basic guidelines of modest dressing which we should all try to follow. I too have made the change to only wearing skirts and dresses, and it just feels so right. At church I am appalled by what some young women wear, and I make a special effort to dress even more modestly than usual - I wear a long sleeved white blouse fully buttoned to the neck and a long skirt. Underneath I wear a full slip of cotton or satin as an extra layer of modesty and to prevent my bra from being seen.
    God Bless,


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