Monday, July 19, 2010

Guest Post.

Rachel Massey, Guest posts for us today.

I'm a Baptist Preacher's daughter. Born and raised in church. And I love it. Now I have had friends come and go that wore pants and tried to get me to wear them. Telling me that I looked very good in them and that I could and would turn every head. I knew at that moment that they were not the best of company to keep. Because I know in my heart that it is wrong to try to dress to "Turn Heads." Because we are not to dress to "Turn Heads" and bring glory to ourselves and cause our brethren in Christ to stumble. The Bible says that If a man lusts after a woman he has already committed adultery in his own heart.
I have heard many times "If you have it, Flaunt it" and that is not right. God gave you the body you have now for only one person and one person only, and that is your husband. The ONE that God has or is going to give you. And your body it is a special gift that He has given you to give to your husband. So wearing revealing and tight clothing is not only hurting others around you but also yourself and future husband.

I am not tearing down women that do wear jeans but I would ask you to question why you where them. I believe there is a time and a place for Jeans. Like hunting or four-wheeling or working out in the yard. But you still need to be modest and not look like you got a new paint job or something. And wear them loosely. I know Christians can be very judgemental, but I am not here to condemn anyone or tear down anyone. I'm simple to be as the Bible puts it an example of the Believer.Jesus said to be Holy for I am Holy. The Bible also says to Abstain from all appearance of evil. Which means to simple think literally what would Jesus do and how would he dress. If he were to walk into your home would he be pleased how you dress?

And how you talk? Would you be a picture of Holiness? Would you be abstaining from all appearances of evil? If you are dressed like a young lady you would be so amazed at how much respect you get and much more you look like a picture of Christ. And if you are happy and have a cheerful Constance people will ask you why you are so happy and want what you have. As a young lady you really do have so much power through Christ to lead others to Christ. And your husband will be so much more proud of you when you have kept yourself just for him. It will show that you really do love him and your God.

And if you abstain from all appearances of evil you will no longer look like the world but like of His little children. One of his little sheep. And you will be safe from all of the heart ache and trouble the world would and will cause you if you dress to "Turn Heads." God can save you from all of that if you just follow His example.

Be the light to your brothers in Christ not the stumbling block. We are to lift each other up! That is what I'm trying to do. I love you and I don't want you to fall to the world and he that is in the world and his tricks. You will feel wanted and loved if you dress to get attention from men and feel worth something. But it is only for a moment. The Bible says the is pleasure in sin for only a moment. And all of those cat calls and whistles you may get are only for a moment. And then they will only look for the next pretty girl.
How much more better it is to serve the Lord and to dress for Him! You can!

Avoid all of that heart ache and pain if you just dress to please him and serve Him!

~Your Sister in Christ

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