Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HUGE DELIGHTFUL giveaway!!! By Johanna!!

Johanna from Old-Fashioned Girl is having a huge and wonderful giveaway here is the description of what is in the giveaway! in her writing.

First, Nancy at Roses and Teacups (My favorite online sight for tea things) donated this beautiful little night light, a pretty little decoration for any young ladies room~

Next, Mrs. Chancy from Sensibility patterns donated an e-pattern of your choice! Thank you so much Mrs. Chancy, I know we have some seamestress' out there that would LOVE to win an e-pattern from!

Next, Marie Madeline Studios kindly said they would love to donate as well! Thank you ladies! You all are so kind! So, we are giving away this summer shade jumper pattern~

BONUS!!!!! get ready girls this is the most delightful part!!

You ALSO get fabric to make the jumper! (happy smile) how delightful!!

*happy smile again*

How delightful!! I'm a big fan of  Marie Madeline Studios they have such BEAUTIFUL fabrics and patterns!

Next, Oh yes ladies there is more! so keep reading! :-)

And then to conclude this wonderful giveaway, The Joy of Jewelry donated these beautiful 'Pure for Life' earrings~

What a WONDERFUL and delightful giveaway! Thank you Miss Johanna, and sponsers!

Now get on over to the Lovely Johanna's page and enter right away! ENTER HERE

Blessings to those lucky girls who win!

Now for myself to go enter LOL! Don't forget to pick up her code and put it on your blog!

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