Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When you think your in the belly of the Fish!

First I have to apologize that this is not the length I usually write.

When you read the wonderful story of Jonah and read how God moved, moves and is moving; although I know this story so well, I never really thought about it from the heart always from the head. Did you know that your faith is always with you, I know what a concept.....

It is easy to be faithful to the Lord when all of your circumstances are going well, when the Lord is not as convicting as sometimes, when it keeps you safe in a box, when your comfort zone is not encrouched up....Know what I mean...

Easy to Praise, Glorify, Testify, Walk and Talk about Jesus when our circumstances are Ideal....
It is equally easy to be discouraged, sluggish, depressed, low when your circumstances swallow you whole as the Whale did Jonah....

We are so quick to try to work within our own strength, in our time, frustrations, anxities, fears, lonlieness', so easy to shout "Lord why why do this, do that, I cant endure, you ask to much of me, this is not what I signed up for, Why would you call me to do this, it is impossible"

I believe for this very reason we are chastened by the Lord, we need reproof for our actions, because although we love, glorify and follow the Lord; we show distrust in Him by not allowing Him and HIm alone to guide our footsteps.

Allow Him to move in you, guiding, leading and most of all teaching, open your heart to HIs plan and not your own. It is wonderous to see, to feel, to witness, to touch, to live, to breathe in Him and His infinite wisdom!

For this Reason, I stand for Christ! For this reason, I will only wear skirts! For this reason, I will follow the Lord in all that I do. For this reason, my clothing, my attitude, my everything will be a reflection of God. For He made me anew!

I challenge each of you to hear,see, feel, talk, walk and breathe in the Lord, IN ALL THAT YOU DO! From doing the dishes to walking to the store, to fulfilling all duties as a mother, friend, sister, aunt, cousin and most of all as a WIFE for your husband. Please Remember that you are not judged on how your husband or children, immideiate, extended family, coworkers, friends, strangers, court appointed officials, the guy in the car who cut you off. BUT YOU WILL BE JUDGED ON YOUR REACTIONS, ACTIONS TOWARDS ALL OF THEM!

Praise be the Lord, Let the entire world know what you stand for, because there are no half ways with God, you either are fully immersed or not, it is better to be fully lost then to Know Christ and deny his teachings.
Thank you for Reading
God bless,

With Him all is Possible

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