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Nominations So Far for the 2010 Modesty Awards! READ AND VOTE NOW!

Practical Simplicity Photography By Miss Antoinette K.

A little bit about Her blog: I have a love for capturing God's creation in photographs! I hope you will enjoy browsing and see what catches my eye, with a few tips here and there, verses to go with some photos, and some graphic designs as well! Photographing for the Savior!

How Long it's been running: 2 Years

Ashley Jean Photography By Miss Ashley J.

A little bit about her blog from Katelyn S: She's a christian girl, with a christian blog, and lots of inspirational pictures. She's got lots of good idea's and her camera (As well as her heart) is focused perfectly.

How long it's been running: 8 months.

Capture the Moment Photography. By Miss Katelyn S

A little bit about her blog/ Her goal: 1.) be a witness somehow for my viewers that are not Christians, 2.) I want to be in inspiration for other photographers, and for other Christians as well, if I possibly can, and 3.) I enjoy having my blog in a way as a journal. It's kind of like an escape to just write and a scrapbook of all my memories to look back over. But most of all, I want to show glory to God's name throughout my blog, and I want to be a light in Christ.

How Long it's been running: July 2010.

A-Pach-ecrafts By Miss Meda H.
I started it around December of 2009 but I started posting stuff in July of 2010

I started my blog to share ideas of how to make things and to sell some of my 
crafts that I make (since I don't work out of my home) and also to share all
of my projects with distant family and friends. what makes my blog different 
I guess is that I make most of my stuff out of denim!
  • Retailer of Modest Clothing 
A Spring of Joy. by Miss Suzette Kersey
Age: 21 years old
Blog Name: "A Spring of Joy"
blog in existence since June 2010 (about 5 months)
Story: I started this blog in hopes to be an encouragement to teen girls and young ladies seeking to find joy in whatever circumstances they find themselves.
Type of blog: other (Exhortation)

Simple Delights by Miss Laurie H.
About how long has the blog been running?: Almost 1 year

A brief story of your blog (tell us a little about your blog what makes it different)
My blog started almost one year ago as a way to connect with my far-away friends, and also to meet new people.
Wow, I would never have guessed that it would have been such an amazing experience! I have met so many lovely
young ladies who have encouraged me in my Christian walk.
My blog is designed to help encourage young ladies to seek after God, learning the womanly art of homemaking, plus recipes, crafts, tutorials and giveaways.

Blog Category:

Sereinas Photography by Miss Sereinas. Nominated by Samantha.

::Sereina is an amazingly talented photographer. Her photographs nevercease to amaze me. Her pictures are lovely, simple and so beautiful.::

Ooooh La La! by Anna F. Nominated by Samantha.

:: love this blog! It is so much fun to read. Miss Anna is an upbeat, fun loving, old-fashioned girlwho posts such interesting, colorful and cute posts.:

The Last Rose Of Summer. by Miss Michaela. Nominated by Samantha.

::Miss Michaela is Anna’s sister, and has an equally fun blog!It is full of funny videos, stories and vintage fun.:

Bramblewood Fashion by Miss Ashley and Miss Gabrielle. Nominated by Samantha 

::Bramblewood Fashion is my favorite fashion blog. There are inspiring sewing posts, funold movie clips, reviews and quotes, interesting articles and more!

Ozarks Sew N' Sews by Michelle P.

About how long has the blog been running?(optional): Since 2006

A brief story of your blog (tell us a little about your blog what makes it different)  It is mine and my hubby's cross stitching, sometimes poetry, recipes, tips, interesting pictures I take and daily life here in the Ozarks.

Type of Blog: Pick from the following.
  • Other----(Please write in if any of the above does not fit your blog type) It is a mixture of crafts, homemaking, photography and plain old fun!

Gods Daughter. by Miss Raquel.

About how long has the blog been running?(optional): 4 years

A brief story of your blog (tell us a little about your blog, what makes
it different):  I blog about a variety of different things, but always
keep God the focus.  God's Daughter was started to encourage and bless
fellow sisters (and brothers) in the LORD.

Type of Blog: Modest Teenage Blog.

Keilah Engstrom Photography by Miss Keilah E. Nominated by Miss Raquel.

::  one of the best
photography blogs out there ;):

Blessed Femina by Miss Jen! Nominated by Miss Raquel.

::Miss Jen shares
such special recipes, craft ideas and just does lovely posts!:

Life is Too Short Not to Wear Red Shoes! by Polka Dot? Nominated by Miss Raquel 

:: Polka Dot blogs
about a variety of things, but everything is so much fun!! :)  I love her

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Blessings and Good Luck Ladies!!

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  1. I vote for Practical Simplicity!!! I just love her posts!!!
    In Christ,

  2. This is the first time I've ever voted here for the Modest Blog award and my vote goes to Blessed Femina by Miss Jen. I just adore her sweet posts and am encouraged by her faith and standards!

  3. I vote for Ooooh La La! That is one of my favorite blogs! :)

  4. I like Lifre is to short to not wear red shoes :)


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