Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where Have All The Ladies Gone..... Part 2.

In my last post, some of my readers were might I say, steamed about the post.

I want to clarify.

That in women working, I am not talking about teens (Unmarried) and older ladies or the widowed.
But ladies that have children not married off yet.


There is a very high source of neglecting, when women go out and work and leave their children.
Such as sending children to public or private schools. Is there really a need to send your children their? to endure the torture from other kids.
Children and even teens have a problem saved and not. to make fun of children when they have glasses, or a unique feature.
So why if you care for them put them through it?
Whether it be that you "want" to go out and work, or that you need to. Is indeed 2 different situations in itself.
To me, and this is only my opinion.
A mother cannot go out and work, and still have time.

Is there a source of happiness? in leaving your children?
I;m in no way trying to say that women are cavemen.
As I said before. I'm not talking about older women widows, or women that have no children that are little.
I'm talking about women, that have children, and send them OFF to school. While the husband stays home wife goes out. ITS NOT BIBLICAL!

When the Virtuous woman went out and bought land. She did not go out and claim it! she didn't say "oh this is mine, I made something of myself, I'm my own woman, this isn't my husbands at all. I did this!"

Going out and working was the virtuous woman did. Was NOT her career! Serving the Lord taking care of and raising her children and caring for her husband.

Someone may say today. She was a doormat.
That's not the case.

In the bible it does not say anything about women working and leaving children and husbands. to fend for themselves.
She does not have the right to take authority, being when she goes out and works. She's taking authority.

Now Ladies. In no way, IF you are currently working, or feel offended. Please this is ONLY my opinion.

Thank you Ladies.
In His Honor.


  1. I like these posts! I have already decided that if I EVER want to have a career, it's going to be a career that I can do from home, and one that can be done at any time, like writing :) That is, If I decided to have a career...

  2. Thank you Katie for sharing your honest opinion in a unjudgemental and loving way. ;)

  3. I haven't read the previous post, but I heartily agree.I'm studying at the moment and if I ever do work-I'm a stay at home mum homeschooling my two children-then it will be something I can do here at home.


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