Thursday, September 30, 2010

Being Modest Through Christ.

Ladies, we live in a world, where many women, and sadly even younger girls, dress inappropriately, to school and in public, you may say "that's terrible, they should put some clothes on"

But do you ever ask yourself, do they know any better? have they ever been taught?
are they having emotional problems? do they dress like this for the attention they don't get normally?
we Tend to judge to quickly to actually see beyond the book cover, then ladies, their are the young girls and women alike, who know what they are wearing, don't care how they have been taught, and know better, the young girls, that are hiding emotional problems, and whether they dress like that for attention or not, it doesn't matter.

Ladies need to stand up, for a rightful cause, stand up to this so called "fashion" of tank tops and short skirts and shorts, cleavage baring blouses and "hip clothing" I don't care what's "in" or what's considered old fashioned, I dress not to say "I'm modest" but to tell myself, "I'm pleasing the Lord with all my heart" and ladies, by no means is that bragging,
I do it because I want to strive to be pleasing God, and I want to strive to let others see Christ in me.

after all, ladies, we should strive, but that's my opinion, I'm not throwing it at you.

Sometimes we all feel that way, as if everyone is bullying at you, telling you that your going to (hades) if you wear pants, what can you say? how can you defend yourself? your Defenceless.

I believe in my opinion, that it is YOUR  conviction, on what you wear.
Yours alone, people can sometimes, dig it and stab it into you about the skirts and pants argument.
But the only one that can change your mind, is God.

Yes Ladies it's as simple as that, we can write these blogs, but it most likely will not change it, I myself, read a blog post about wearing pants, and I was convicted over that, which is why when I say, when Conviction gets you, your done.

Sister, if you are struggling, with the choice of what to wear, if you are caught between being cool or ugly, if your afraid people will look at you differently, please, take time to ask yourself this question, "is this what God wants?" or is it "what you and everyone else want." sometimes what seems good in our eyes, isn't really all that good, we are just too blind too see at the moment.

I pray that if you are having those struggles that God helps you, and gives you an answer to the questions and pleads you have been praying for or about. I pray he lays the right choice on your heart, and that it brings you closer to him, that when you walk down the street or through a store, that people see Christ in you.

I Love you all dearly. Thank you for reading.

In His Honor.


  1. Wonderfully written Miss Katie!!! I really enjoyed it!
    Keep writing for Jesus!

  2. Yes, wonderfully written indeed. I love your background!

  3. Could not have put it any better Katie .Thank you.

  4. Powerful post! So true!

    Thanks so much for sharing and thank you for following my blog!

    I'm not following you too and cannot wait to see what else you have to say! :)

  5. I love this Katie! This post was so loveingly written. ;) Please make more posts like this one!


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