Friday, May 28, 2010

A Little thought, for the day.

What you wear is your testimony, did you know that? if you want respect from your brothers in Christ, you have to respect yourself first, and dress modestly, its not only about how you dress, a young lady may be dressing very nicely, not showing any skin, but unless her heart is right with God, its not going to help, Modesty is in heart, appearance, and your relationship with God.

Back in the old days the saved, and YES EVEN the lost knew how they should dress, I'm not trying to tell you your wrong, I'm not judging you, I'm pointing out that its in the Bible,

until the days of Hollywood women knew their place, even the lost, so what has changed? modern days have come upon us, you can go into wall-mart and guess what you wont be able to find a skirt that goes below your knee's, sad isn't it? Fashion bug, has a few but they are really high priced, Cato's might I add, has some, they are really nice, but again you have to have at least 30 to 40 bucks to spend on that one piece of clothing,

Gone are the days that have a girl wanting to buy a dress for her birthday, now its jeans! Jeans, shorts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, mini dresses, I'm surprised that girls actually wear dresses to the prom, but then again, they aren't really modest, they have to be showing skin, halters, spaghetti strap, strapless, you name it, there are even short ones that go above the knee's,

in my opinion, now ladies this is only my opinion, Ladies would look much better in dresses, much more lady-like and alot more feminine.

You would indeed without a doubt be more respected by your brothers in Christ, because after all, they may think you look good with short-shorts or tight jeans, or even a skirt that goes above your knee's but in the end, what men really want, is to have a modest woman, that LOVES God with ALL her heart.

I do not look down on you ladies nor do I frown upon ladies that wear pants, I simply want to fill your minds with things to think about,

I ask that you, think about the following.

1. respect yourself. show respect to yourself enough todress modestly,
2. Respect God, you want to glorify him in everything you do, in appearance, and in heart, and most importantly in what you do.
3. If you want to be respected by men, your going to have to change, Change for the better.
not who you are, its nothing like that, but you need to get closer to God. because your relationship with a boy, will not last if your not close to God.
4. Men do care about how you dress, in their early teenage years, they will be changing from a young boy to becoming a godly man, they will look at girls with shorts and short skirts, mini dresses, tank tops, the list goes on and on, but when they are grown and mature, they realize that they want a real lady.
One that loves God. and dresses like she does. she dresses to honor him, and strives to glorify him in activities and appearance,

Ladies please do think about this, especially as summer comes around, choose to glorify him, and heart, and appearance. Be modest.

Thank you for reading,
in his honor


  1. You're very good at creative writing, Katie, and I really admire your Christian convictions - good job!


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