Monday, May 31, 2010

In Heart. AND appearance.

I take to my blog very...cautiously, With an issue I was approached with lastnight ...I had problems reading the story.. But I want to express to you ladies why I wear skirts, to make you better understand.

a few years ago, I read a page on pants, called "what about women wearing pants" I was convicted, for me, it hit me like a sucker punch if you would say, I knew I was doing wrong, some ladies it takes longer to be convicted, but not for me, after that I read that piece over and over again, I had a hunger, to see ladies start being modest as I was, as some of the ladies are of today still, I wanted to know more and more about Modesty, Note: that I LOVED my jeans so very dearly, I will admit that, but when the Holy ghost convicts you there's no turning back.

at first there was me not having alot of skirts or dresses, the ones I did have wear dressy for church, I still wore them, until I got others from yard sales,
at first I knew I had to do it, it was what God wanted, so I would wear skirts and dresses, I couldn't do the same things I did before in jeans, that upset me, over the monthes and time, I realized that the more and more I learned and the closer I got to God, I realized that I needed to be different, and set an example before the lost and believers,

now, after a few years, I can do ANYTHING I set my heart to, in skirts, I believe that if I cannot do something in skirts, and it requires me to wear pants, then I probably shouldn't be doing it, I can do anything, and still be modest (in appearance of course) without showing any nakedness, or anything no one is supposed to see, without showing myself.

I can do many things outside, that most girls wouldn't dream of, its a matter of wanting to please and glorify God, and when you really want to you can.

I ask a friend, what she would say when people ask her why she wears pants, she said "well I used to say ugh my parents make me wear them, but now I understand why I should wear them, and I actually WANT to wear them"

He cares about whats in Our hearts, yes, 1Sa 16:7 " for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart."
but we also have to worry about man, we are to be of example, and we are to be different, are we not? If he man or woman looks at you, just in appearance, they should be able to tell that your are a woman of God,

Ladies need to stop accusing, and using excuses, Ladies need to dress like ladies, and dresses and skirts, which was made for them, as breeches (pants trousers) were made for man,

I dont know about you, but when I go out places, I want people to know I am a Godly woman even without getting to know me, I want them to know just by looking at me, that I have a Love for God, yet I am still a sinner, I don't want to be holier then thou, I want to love and glorify God in everything I do, and even in my appearance.

I pray for you ladies.

Thank you for reading,
In His Honor,

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