Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are we supposed to be "Normal"?

As I walk through the store, I can see some people stare. Some people open the door for me.
But in all my life, I have never "hated" that girls stared at me. Nor did I "like it" obviously who like being stared at? no one. Maybe attention wanters
But My point is, that when we worry or care about if girls stare at us. We then care what the world thinks more then what God thinks. If we keep our minds on the Lord then we will be fine. I'd rather leave my life and worries in the Lords hands then have to carry the burden of worrying about if girls stare at me.

I'm doing what the Lord wants. I want to give all that I am to God. I don't want to waste time trying to be normal. to me I am normal, some other girls its different, I'm weird.
But in taking the time to even go and say I hate when girls stare at me, I'm then worrying about what those girls think, when that's not what is important. what God thinks is important.

So ladies as you move on into summer. Don't worry about what pleases other girls or even boys. if its over 100 degrees and your wearing a light long flow-y skirt. Some girls are going to stare at you for being totally covered. Stay true to your convictions.

Don't trade in peace for worries. We are supposed to be separated from the world, and be a witness to the lost.

Don't try to be what everyone else wants you to be. Be what God wants you to be.
If you do not have modest summer clothes. Please contact us on our page and we will be more then happy to find a resource for you. :-)

Your Sister In Christ.


  1. Great post! So needed at this time of year when people start undressing!

  2. I agree!Here, we're in winter and it's skintight jeans and 'jeggings' Long skirts stick out like a sore thumb but I look at how exposed they are, and thank God that I'm no longer in the world anymore.I feel sorry for them.Especially when I come aceoss what GOOD men want to see in a lady.I look at them and think "Wow, if it wasn't for the truth,I'd be one of them."


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